The advantage of chains with the flexibility of belts.
Our Power Transmission - Cable Drive System
DYNAPOWER’s unique, multi-directional, Cable Drive capitalizes on the advantages of chains while retaining the flexibility of belts. As a result, Cable Drive not only outperforms belts and chains, but can also be used where belts and chains cannot.

Understanding Cable Drive’s versatility comes from examining its features. Perhaps the most valuable feature is it has the ability to bend in multiple directions. Since the cable is symmetrical, it can bend in the X, Y & Z planes without sacrificing life expectancy or performance.
  • Made of aircraft quality steel cable (galvanized or stainless) and carbon steel or stainless steel balls
  • Works great in high vibration and/or abrasive environments
  • Maintenance free
  • Replaces multiple “V” belt drives
  • Open-ended configurations for reciprocal motion is available
  • Reduce noise 35%-50% compared to chain
  • Experience zero-slip transmission of power
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