DYNAPOWER Conveyor Systems and Components for Industrial and Food Applications.
Locveyor AB
DYNAPOWER’s Locveyor AB Belt Tracking system delivers superior conveyor belt tracking performance. Achieved by our patented interlocking “V” grooved system, it has greater surface contact, resulting in increased pulling power and improved power efficiency.

Locveyor Green
DYNAPOWER’s Locveyor Green Belt Tracking System offers the same absolute belt tracking as the Locveyor AB with a few additional features. The Locveyor Green Belt is made up of a 2-Ply Polyester Fiber and is flexible enough to accommodate a 2” diameter machine grooved pulley.

Vari-Pitch Pulley
DYNAPOWER’s patented Vari-Pitch Pulley was designed for quick belt centering and total continuous drive power, guiding systems with all types of belting. This variable pitch pulley has a unique helix angle and all steel construction to allow Vari-Pitch to provide this maximum self-centering function along with essential pulling power.

Cable Drive
DYNAPOWER’s unique, multi-directional, Cable Drive capitalizes on the advantages of chains while retaining the flexibility of belts. As a result, Cable Drive not only outperforms belts and chains, but can also be used where belts and chains cannot.

Star Wheel
DYNAPOWER’s Star Wheel is a unique conveyor accessory that tracks troublesome balanced weave wire belts. Our Star Wheel is designed to spin freely on the shaft, keeping the wire belt at the center of the rolls. Apply it to one end of the roller or at the center between two rollers.