Delivering superior tracking performance.
Our Locveyor AB System
DYNAPOWER’s Locveyor AB Conveyor Belt Tracking system delivers superior belt tracking performance. Achieved by our patented interlocking “V” grooved system, it has greater surface contact, resulting in increased pulling power and improved power efficiency.

Locveyor’s machine grooved pulleys are proven to reduce overall operating costs. Using our Locveyor system, conveyor belt tracking instability caused by side-to-side belt movement, no longer exists. The Locveyor system requires less belt tension, which virtually eliminates belt stretching, lace breaking and edge fraying. This system’s qualities lead to prolonged equipment life on any conveyor system application.
  • Locveyor belting is available in Black or White, up to 72” wide
  • Choose lacing or endless (bonded)
  • Operating temperature range min 14°F to max 225°F
  • Tracks START-STOP applications
  • Tracks on HIGH SPEED conveyors
Minimize your down time. Replace your application with DYNAPOWER’s Locveyor Conveyor Belt Tracking system.
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